Sharing Stories, Changing Ways

Maria Adelia (San Paulo, Brazil)

BA in Language Literature, University of San Paulo

Exchange Student, Shanghai International Studies University

To think about international study experience, it is to talk about new culture, lifestyle, friends, academic rules and, of course, new problems that ask for new solutions that, sometimes, it is not easily found. The desire of sharing information could simplify and help the path of overseas and local students, made me arrive at Share Mee and made me see that together we can make the international student community stronger and more connected. Share Mee it is not just a mobile application about academic information, Share Mee wants to bring the real experience, all the good and bad about living and studying abroad. It is the opportunity to find stories that make you feel you are not alone and give you the space to tell about your own experiences (a reminder that we all have a lot to share with others).

Being here since the beginning and seeing where Share Mee is now, it makes me proud of being part of this team. The challenges that we faced, about how to create an App, how to plan and figure out all necessary steps to get the idea off the drawing board, how to attract more and more users/investors/content creators, all these challenges unity us as a team, a team that is ready to face whatever comes in the way. The hard days taught about the strength, responsibility and courage needed, and the reward went beyond from just seeing a good result in the end, it was about coming to reality what was for so long dreamed, it was seeing, talking and interacting to people that taught way more than I can say or thank them for.

The path was long, but the will was bigger and now Share Mee is real and ready to change perspectives, to be there for you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be, from visa’s problems to a team’s meeting (where you can finally find people with the same interests). From the present to a more integrated and international academic and life future. Welcome!

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