Story from Jiadapa

Jidapa Chang-in

Founding Member of Content Team

Graduate from Thammasat University

Major in Journalism and Communications

The day that I received an opportunity to become a part of ShareMee, I was a half-painted canvas that was waiting to be painted. I was enthusiastically looking forward to new colors and unknown drawings. Like any other students, I came in with a goal of earning new intern experiences. I was a fresh graduate who’s ready to have ShareMee help polish and improve my journalism skills. Besides, with my past internship experiences, I knew that there might be some ‘limitations’ to what I can do in my assigned position. Nonetheless, I was ready to learn.

Now, for almost five months of working with ShareMee, I have earned more than what I was looking for. And as the time passes by, ‘Limitation’ has been gradually erased from my belief in doing internships. ShareMee has given me an infinite range of opportunities and exposures to knowledge that are far more than I could have imagined. ShareMee has taught and allowed me to learn and understand the meaning of ‘sharing’ and ‘listening’. Everyone in the team has always been willing to share knowledge and help one another. For each day, from the start to today that I’m writing this, my ideas have always been heard, and new incredible ideas have always been shared to me.

Being a part of the content team here, I am confident to say that I have been able to employ my skills. I have been able to bring out the best part of me into work. I was able to do what I thought I would never gotten to do at any other places. I never thought I would be able to write an article in my own style. I never thought I would be able to create videos. I never thought I would be able to explore international cultures. I never thought I would have this much fun. Being a part of SharMee, I have been able to say that I enjoy and look forward to grow and create something novel with ShareMee, and help sharing them to the world.

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